Fund and Equity Capital Raising

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Do your companies need fund and equity capital raising?

Fund and equity capital raising is challenging in this COVID-19 pandemic affected business environment.

Restructuring of business at the time of fund and equity capital raising.

Company may need to take the opportunity to do a restructuring of the business setup, whether re-look into the mode of operation, organizational setup or lines of businesses.

Normally, after a new round of calling for fund either from the market, from the public or debt raising from the bank, it will be good that the management of the company can have a review of the whole company set up , carry out a restructuring if need to.

Raising an equity fund is a natural progression for a company. Fund provides a more stable and secure capital base, and easier for the owner of the company to plan, and make quick decision in any investment opportunity.

What Types Of Fund Raising Are Suitable For Your Business?

A company can raise fund from debt financing, or from equity capital, it all depends on the requirement of a company,

We in Astutebizadvisory are able to advise our clients on their needs.

Whether you require a debt capital raised by obtaining a bank loan, or through equity capital by selling shares of stock, we have the expertise and knowhow to advise our clients, on the mix of  both these types of funding, the main objective is to ensure cost effectiveness for the business.

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, and most of the businesses affected, cash flow become a very important issue.

If a company is able to raise some capital to meet everyday need with reduced revenue, it will be good for the business to survive, and plan for post COVID-19 with a new normal way of doing business.

IF you think you need to raise fund for your business, please get in touch with us, we are more than willing to listen to your requirement, and assist you to meet your cash flow need.

For the time being, you may want to look at our short business solution HERE ,and learn more about what you need to do for your cash flow need, while waiting for us to structure something for you.

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