Business Restructuring

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In the current situation, most companies may want to have a business restructuring to ensure their survival and more prepared when the economy business environment return to normal

Companies may want to look at

  1. 1. Business Improvement.
  2. 2. Financial Restructuring.
  3. 3. Business Reorganization
  4. 4. Information Technology
  5. 5. Merger & Acquisition
  6. 6. Valuation of company value.
  1. Business Improvement

Astutebizadvisory place a lot of emphasis on business strategy planning, improving and executing business strategies and processes. The main objective is to ensure the Corporate Objectives are in line with the Stakeholders’ need.

For Business Improvement, Astutebizadvisory
offer two methods of achieving the desired objectives.

a. Business Process Improvement.

Improvement Potential Excellence Diagram Graphic Concept

I. Process improvement

We will advise clients on how to improve the business process to make it more efficient and lean. We are confident after our process review and implementation of our recommendation, the business process will be more efficient and lean, not to mention the savings made and the capacity increased as a result of the process improvement. The business may also be able to keep their staffs and enable the staffs to learn more and in-depth of the business process.

II. Business Intelligence Information.

We will analyze your business data and reorganize the data to create a monitoring process whereby the data are put to better use in business process and decision-making. In this era of big data information where data is asset, if the available data is put to good use in combination with business process improvement, it will produce a sustainable result.

2. Financial Restructuring.

In this challenging business environment, it is important to do some financial restructuring of the business.

We assist clients who are in financial difficulty to restructure their financial by negotiating with the creditors, conduct going concern review and recommend sustainable financial prudence steps to ensure the business can sustain the difficult and challenging business climate.

3. Business Reorganization.

In the time of need, we can assist our client to do business reorganization and help our clients to be more competitive and stabilize the operation and identify better business opportunity.

4. Information Technology

We help our client to leverage on Information Technology (IT), to improve business performance and reduce business risk.

We have IT professional who constantly work with us to help our clients in new IT system implementation and/or system integration and we help our client to identify their IT risk and also on data protection in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act.

5. Merger & Acquisition.

We will help to identify the target for merger and acquisition and will follow through the entire process of the transaction.

We provide the following services:

  • Acquisition and divestiture plans and strategies.
  • Due diligence
  • Integration and assimilation process.

We will ensure our client get their value of investment for the merger and acquisition and we will try to maximize the value for our client.

6. Valuation of Company Value.

We do valuation of business, business interests and intangible asset valuation for our client.

We can provide intangible asset valuation for our client in a business combination in accordance with IFRS No. 3 on Business Combination.

Determination of the fair value of Goodwill and perform test on potential impairment are also the services provided by us.