In Astute Business Advisory (ABA), we help enterprises especially small medium enterprises to innovate, restructure and improve, so that they can face the challenges post COVID-19.

The business world today is getting more challenging and demanding.

To thrive in this environment and to run a successful organization.

The business leader must be able to continue working on improving the business and find ways to ensure the business is sustainable and profitable.

How Do We Help Businesses?

We in Astute Business Advisory are here to help organization to improve processes, and make the entities more effective and with our network,.

Astute Business Advisory can also advise the organization on getting new investors.

And we also help our clients to get financing for their business expansion if the need arises.

We help businesses in getting full return on their resources

  • by aligning their effort and
  • improving their processes and
  • operation effectiveness.

Astute Business Advisory provide solutions to your business needs and requirement and help you to improve your operation efficiency and business effectiveness.

We help our clients by providing

  • strategic review and
  • planning,
  • identify business opportunities,
  • execute growth strategies,
  • manage risk and
  • improve performances.

Astute Business Advisory is providing the following services to its clients and those who need business advisory services.

Services We Provide

ABA is providing the following services to its clients:

  1. Fund and equity capital raising.
  2. Bookkeeping.
  3. Business restructuring.
  4. Risk advisory.
  5. Business process improvement.
  6. Pre IPO review.
  7. Company secretarial matters.
  8. Strategic planning.
  9. Cash flow planning.
  10. General business advisory.
  11. Staff recruitment.


  1. Fund and equity capital raising
  • Working Capital Financing.
  • Initial Public Offer (IPO)
  • Private Equity Fund.
  • Project Financing.
  • SPAC.

2. Bookkeeping Service

  • ¬†Updating of accounting records.
  • Clearing of backlog.
  • Setting up of Accounting Policies and Procedures.

3. Business Restructuring.

  • Evaluation of Business Viability.
  • SWAT Analysis of Business Health.
  • Business Management Review.

4. Risk Advisory.

  • Investigation of possible fraud.
  • Corporate Risk Review.
  • Corporate Governance Compliance Advisory.

5. Business Process Improvement.

  • SWAT Analysis.
  • Business Process Review.
  • Setting of Key Performance Indicators.

6. Pre- IPO Review

  • Overall Operation Review.
  • Business Process Management Review.
  • Financial Accounting Records Review.
  • Business Capability Review.

7. Company Secretarial Matters.

  • Incorporation of local Companies.
  • Incorporation of Family Office Companies.
  • Preparation of Annual Returns.
  • Preparation of Board Minutes and related Board matters.

8. Strategic Planning.

  • Business Management Planning.
  • Growth Potential Planning.
  • Strategic Acquisition Investment.
  • Due Diligence On Targeted Business.

9. Cash Flow Planning.

  • Cash Flow Management.
  • Budgetary Control.
  • Tax Planning.

10. General Business Advisory.

  • Management Structure Review.
  • Health Check on Overall Company Performance.
  • Evaluation Of Business Potential for Growth.
  • Advisory on Incentives Offered by Government.

11. Staff Recruitment.

  • HR Management.
  • Implementation of Employee Hand Book.
  • Setting of Company Policies and Procedures for Staffs.

You can be sure of our professional service which is practical and cost effective.

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To engage in services we provide, you can contact us at +65-97308615 or email us at or cheeshi@astutebizadvisory