Staff Recruitment

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Do You Need Staff Recruitment?

How do you go about doing staff recruitment?

What do you do when you need to have a good staff?

These are the questions being asked, especially in a labor market which is short of talented staffs.

If you company need a top talent to compete in this challenging business environment, we can help you in identifying the right candidate. We deliver exceptional candidate who bring good value to your business.

From C- suite, middle management to clerical level and even temporary needs, we at Astutebizadvisory can assist your internal HR to understand your company goals, strategy plan and provide the necessary knowledge and processes to guide the potential candidate to be the asset of your company.

What Can We Do To Help In Staff Recruitment?

We provide the following services in term of human resources management.

  1. Identify the need of your company in term of skills and level of experience.
  2. Advise your internal HR on what types of candidate you should hire.
  3. Formulae the job requirements and scope to match the company’s aspiration.
  4. Identify the right candidate for the position.
  5. Conduct background check on the candidate before recommendation.

Challenges of Staff Recruitment

  1. Competitive labor market.
  2. Getting the right staff.
  3. The suitable candidate,
  4. Candidate who can contribute to your company’s growth, and
  5. Meeting the company’s business strategies,
  6. Without increasing the cost of human resource,
  7. Offer the right remuneration package.

Orientation of New Employee

We at Astutebizadvisory are able to help our clients in this area.

Once we have successfully recruited the staffs for our clients, we have a special orientation program for the newly recruited staff before he reports for duty.

Our orientation program ensures the staff will acclimate to our client’s culture, and ease into his role as soon as possible.

How To Ensure Your Employee Stays On The Job?

It is important that employees stay on the company payroll longer.

High staff turnover is very disruptive for a business, the continuity of work flow is badly affected.

My experience told me about high staff turnover:

It caused:

  • Breakdown of internal control and
  • Loss of crucial information.

However this can be easily avoided if staff retention rate is high

Do you want to get the right candidate? contact us now.